Kilarney Red Garlic

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This beautiful purple stripe is quickly becoming our "field favorite." Spicy, with 8-10 large cloves and beautiful coloring.

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Kilarney is quickly becoming one of our "favorites of the field." This garlic is rare and difficult for gardeners to find. Many say they don't know where its origins are, but I have some history. It was named by our family friends and exceptional growers Paul and Ellen of "Kilarney Farm" in Couer D' Alene, Id. when they started selling it a couple of decades ago. The cloves are exceptionallly large, and the loose skins on Killarney Red makes it easy to peel. It has a wonderfully deep, full-bodied flavor. With 8-10 cloves, it multiplies well, and has very pretty pink and brownish colored skin. This garlic is hot and spicy and produces large cloves.