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An outstanding plant producing very large bulbs. Strong, robust plants stand out in the garden. A sweet and substantial garlic

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A rich, garlicky, warm Porcelain hardneck garlic Grows well in most states even some years in Warm Winter Areas, but will be marginal there in years with early hot summers.

Harvests mid-summer - stores into spring. Music is a large, beautiful and well-formed porcelain garlic but with more color than most porcelains. Its flavor is very rich and musky, strong and robust and sticks around for a while. It is warm but not overly hot.

It's very popular for a reason. From a grower's perspective, it is a tall dark green plant and is a very good survivor, usually grows healthy and appears to be somewhat resistant to some of the diseases that can affect garlic. I'm not real sure just where Music originated, but it likes cold weather and can get quite large in good growing conditions.