Romanian Red Hardneck Garlic

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An absolutely stunning garlic with massive cloves. Most allicin of any garlic variety!

 Romanian 5 lb. seed$115.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Romanian 5 lb. culinary$105.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Romanian 1 lb. seed$26.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Romanian 1 lb. culinary$23.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 10 cloves Romanian$10.00 Sorry, out of stock.

After 13 years of testing over 30 varieties of garlic, we only grow six now, and I can tell you why. Because they are the three best, and out of those six, the Romanian takes the cake. 4-6 monstrous cloves (easiest of all to peel) sheathed in gorgeous maroonish-tan paper all covered by its beautiful porcelain exterior makes this variety a stunner. Will store very well up to 6 months or more under optimal conditions, and besides all that the flavor is dyno-mite. And remember when buying 10 cloves of this variety you will be getting double the weight of any other out there, guaranteed!

Very hot and juicy, and containing the highest amount of allicin of any garlic variety known, it is a veritable medicine chest all wrapped up. Loves cold winters if you are going to plant but will thrive anywhere. Not many have caught on to this beauty yet but it will be sure to explode on to the market soon after it becomes discovered.