Softneck Garlic Sampler

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A mixture of our finest softneck varieties. Hardy seed or deliscious culinary varietals.

 Softneck Sampler 5 lb. s$125.00 Sorry, out of stock.
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 Softneck Sampler 1 lb. s$28.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Softneck Sampler 1 lb. c$22.00 Sorry, out of stock.

This sampler can include but is not limited to Polish red, Italian softneck, Inchellium red, Copenhagen Gold, or Swede Pea. It is a mixture of three of these varietals. All grow great in a northern climate, and all are excellent on the pallette!

You can order seed garlic or culinary garlic. Select "S" for seed, and "C" for culinary.